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NCC Activities

1. Prayer Wing:

Prayer is the need of the hour. The Prayer Wing will gather prayer requests constantly and keep the prayer vigil going statewide and District wide throughout the nation following Jesus who said: Watch and Pray

2. Womens Wing:

Women are key in the progress of the society and for the sustaining of any vision. The Womens Wing will seek avenues to enhance opportunities for women, identify women leaders and to encourage them in their specialization

3. Intellectual Wing:

The Intellectual Wing will host many symposiums to raise pertinent, important issues of the day and see that there is much awareness raised about them and address major issues of the day.

4. Youth Wing:

Youth are the future of the society. The Youth Wing will strive to bring the youth power to a positive and constructive use.

5. Media Wing:

The Media Wing will follow the media meticulously to fetch the issues of minorities and to raise the issues of the minorities and train them in the use of media.

6. Political Wing:

Dr B.R. Ambedkar has said that political power is the master key of all the developments. Political Wing will coordinate with all the parties to maintain their secular credentials and encourage active participation.

7. SC Welfare Wing:

SC Welfare Wing will ensure the welfare of the SCs as promised by the authorities. Being a voice of the voiceless, guiding them in paths of progress and wholesome living. Training SC leaders to stand firm.

8. ST Welfare Wing:

Scheduled Tribes is the official name given to the disenfranchised Tribals of today. The ST Welfare Wing will look into their issues of displacement, the erosion of their habitation or deforestation and work for their development.

9. OBC Issues Wing:

To understand the issues of OBCs as envisaged by Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule and to enable them to achieve their dreams.

10. Legal Wing:

The Legal wing will seek to enable the proper dissemination of the information about legal system conduct legal awareness seminars and the Legal Wing will also advise the other wings on the legal matters as and when the issues arise.

11. Students Wing:

This is mainly concentrating in the Colleges / universities addressing their issues of campus life and students issues and encouraging students to concentrate on their career with good focus. Conduct career guidance and counseling programs.

12. Children Wing:

Major life patterns and values are formed in childhood. This wing will seek to understand the avenues to encourage and build children to be good citizens in the future and also conduct programs that cater to the Children and to their wholesome and over all development .

13. Cultural Concerns Wing:

Identifying the cultural issues and promoting the cultural heritage and conduct public symposiums on presenting the highlights and details of culture, art, fine arts and Literature of the Christian Minorities.

14. Employees Wing:

To network with the various groups of employees in the government and non-government sectors too to enable them to stand united. To take the benefit of the human resource potential of the Employees and to utilize this Human Resource and professional experiences to the minorities and for the larger civil society..

15. Differently Abled Persons Concerns Wing:

Identifying the strengths of Differently Abled persons in the society and creating avenues for them to lead and to make an impact. Also working to network them providing the needed information about the resources for their welfare and for the benefit of those that suffer discrimination or facing issues due to their physical difficulties.

16. Economic Concerns Wing:

This wing will look into all the aspects of the available economic empowerment schemes and programs of the Govt. The budgets of the Union Govt and several State governments are so huge that it is even difficult to remember the number of digits!! Will coordinate to ensure that these concerns in the Economic Empowerment be addressed fully.